POP Biotechnologies Vaccine Technology to Enter Phase III Clinical Studies as part of Eubiologics’ COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate, EuCorVac-19

Biomedical engineering PhD student Moustafa Mabrouk holds a vial containing ingredients of a liposome-based liquid vaccine that could be developed for COVID-19. Photo: Douglas Levere

BUFFALO, New York, February 3, 2022

POP Biotechnologies (POP BIO), a Buffalo, NY based biopharmaceutical startup, announces the approval of the plan for a phase 3 clinical study of EuCorVac-19, a COVID-19 vaccine candidate developed by South Korean partner EuBiologics (KOSDAQ: 206650, CEO, Dr. Baik YoungOk, Mr. Seukkeun Choi) from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in South Korea. EuCorVac-19, is a protein-based vaccine consisting of Eubiologics protein antigen, EulMT, in-licensed from Korea Institute of Science and Technology and the spontaneous-nanoliposome antigen particle (SNAP) technology of POP BIO.

Eubiologics will be able to a commence Phase III comparison trial for 4,000 healthy participants in the Philippines, Bangladesh and other countries based on a standard comparison clinical trial guideline. Eubiologics will work closely with international research organizations for expedited recruitment in countries with low vaccination rates as well as the analysis of trial results to accelerate the regulatory approval and commercialization of EuCorVac-19.

EuCorVac-19 has already proved its safety and efficacy in a Phase I/II clinical trial, the results of which were announced in December 2021. Eubiologics expects to expedite the development of Omicron variant vaccine based on the same platform used for EuCorVac-19. Currently, the pre-clinical trial of Mouse immunogenicity test and TG mouse which is transformed from human gene are under progress and the company plans to proceed with the human trial within the 1st half of 2022. In addition, a booster vaccine is necessary due to the dominance of the Omicron variant, and thus the company will commence its trial to prove efficacy as a booster vaccine. A company official said, “The company has already had product supply MOUs with partners in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia, and many Asian, CIS, Latin American partners have shown a great interest in EuCorVac-19. Once the product is launched, the company will target the overseas markets that have high population and middle-income based on the product’s safety, efficacy and logistics convenience.”

About POP Biotechnologies: POP Biotechnologies, Inc. is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the research and development of novel therapeutics and vaccines employing their proprietary porphyrin-phospholipid (PoP) liposome technologies. The PoP technology, exclusively licensed from the State University of New York Research Foundation (SUNY-RF), was developed by company founder Dr. Jonathan Lovell at his academic facilities at The State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo). POP Biotechnologies is currently a resident of the SUNY Buffalo incubator at Baird Research Park.

About POP BIO’s SNAP Technology: POP BIO’s Spontaneous Nanoliposome Antigen Particleization (SNAP) technology enables the rapid development and manufacturing of highly immunogenic particle-based vaccines and immunotherapies directed against infectious disease and cancer through the use of a cobalt modified variant of the PoP technology (CoPoP). The SNAP technology enables the stable particle-formation and liposome-display of protein and peptide antigens resulting in substantial improvements in immune responses.

About Eubiologics: Eubiologics is a South Korean Biotechnology company that received funds for the Phase I/II EuCorVac-19 trial from the new drug development committee of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea and recently submitted the application for phase III trial to get additional financial assistance. Eubiologics has 2 main animal-based bioreactors (1,000L) to produce recombinant protein antigens at Chuncheon Plant 1 and EcML which is adjuvant at Chuncheon Plant 2. The total capacity of COVID-19 vaccine is from 100M to 200M doses per year. EuCorVac-19 vaccine uses the same type of cell line, which is for antibody treatment, so if the company uses these facilities, its manufacturing capacity can be further expanded.