POP Biotechnologies develops platform technologies addressing critical needs in oncology and infectious disease

The Power of PoP

POP BIO uses two patented porphyrin-phospholipid (PoP) liposome technologies to create nanomedicines to address needs in oncology and infectious disease

1.) The Spontaneous Nanoliposome Antigen Particleization (SNAP) platform enables the rapid development of highly immunogenic vaccines

2.) Chemophototherapy (CPT) using PoP liposomes to deliver targeted concentrations of chemotherapy drugs to tumors expose to specific laser light.

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Latest News

February 23, 2021

COVID-19 vaccine developed by UB startup approved for human trials

EuCorVac-19, a next-generation particle-based COVID-19 vaccine incorporating POP BIO's SNAP technology has gained regulatory approval for Phase I/II studies
January 16, 2021

EuCorVac-19 gains regulatory approval for Phase I / II clinical studies

SNAP-based EuBiologics EuCorVac-19 gains regulatory approval for Phase I/II trials in Korea EuBiologics (KOSDAQ: 206650) got an IND approval for Phase I/II clinical trial of a […]
July 16, 2020

POP BIO announces $3M equity investment and JV with Eubiologics for the RSV vaccine development

POP BIO announces $3M investment and JV formation with Eubiologics for the development of an RSV vaccine POP Biotechnologies, Inc. (POP BIO), a preclinical stage biotechnology […]